So, what sort of things could I do to help your organisation? Managing your communications team, high-level counsel, communications strategy, hands-on delivery. Read more about these below.

I tend to take on short-term projects or interim roles, typically one to four days a week. I can work remotely or at your location. I can do one-off days if that’s what you need. Here is an overview of the kind of things I could be doing for you.

Managing a communications team

I am often asked to step in when organisations need an interim senior person to run the team, or run a big project, or give some oomph to an existing leadership structure.

High-level counsel

I have done lots of jobs that require me to make sure the Board or other senior people understand communications implications.  In fact, this is what I tend to get asked back for. Chairs, chief executives, boards, directors, senior teams – I can work with them on one-off or longer term projects.

Communications strategy

Here’s the potted version of my approach to strategy:  What is your organisation trying to achieve?  Who do you need to work with to get there? How are you going to keep and improve your relationship with them for the future?

Whatever project you ask me to do I will do it strategically.  And if you want me to help you prepare your strategy, I will do that with you and your team, too. This might include working with you on stakeholder mapping, message frameworks, research and evaluation planning and action planning.

Hands-on delivery

Strategy is nothing without a bit of delivery. I am very happy doing the hands-on work, too. I have done lots of:

  • writing: website, reports, leaflets, newsletters
  • social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube
  • media: reactive, proactive
  • branding: rebranding, implementing a brand, refreshing a brand
  • stakeholder work: analysis, mapping, networking
  • crisis management: crisis communications readiness plans and workshops, hands on crisis communications management
  • research and evaluation (with Woodnewton Associates)


The first coffee and extended chat about your situation is free. Throw in a game of golf or a visit to Chelsea FC and the free chat will last even longer. After that I charge by the day (or half day). Please contact me to discuss.